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Permission Ads is a DSP (Demand Side Platform) that allows advertisers to reward users with ASK cryptocurrency across the open web for ad engagement and data sharing.

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Permission Ads is different in many ways. It is the first DSP to reward consumers with crypto for engaging with ads. It provides brands with an avenue to collect zero-party data at scale, which can fuel their other marketing efforts. It enables companies to form direct relationships with their customers and encourages brand loyalty. 

  • Permission.io’s offering with non-crypto rewards based advertising:
    • Permission.io’s DSP listens to and bids on millions of ad impressions a day based on a proprietary algorithm matching brand with like-minded users. When an End User engages with an ad campaign, they are taken to a landing page and or they navigate to the advertiser’s website. The data that is collected through the advertising experience is then sent to the Customer Data Platform where it can be leveraged to further engage the user via any connected marketing channel.
  • Permission.io’s offering with crypto rewards based advertising:
    • Permission.io’s DSP is a crypto reward advertising ecosystem built on a user-centric data value exchange. Permission.io’s DSP listens to and bids on millions of ad impressions a day based on a proprietary algorithm matching brand with like-minded users. When an End User engages with a Permission Ads campaign, they are taken to a landing page and or they navigate to the advertiser’s website and the End User is offered a crypto reward for sharing their data on the landing page in a compliant, secure manner, using the most advanced consent management technology. That data is then sent to the Customer Data Platform where it can be leveraged to further engage the user via any connected marketing channel. Simultaneously, the End User is taken to the Permission site where they can claim their crypto reward and engage with our community.

Permission Ads is a managed or self-serve DSP service where the campaign objectives, data capture requirements and landing page design are developed in partnership with the brand. The brand receives regular updates on campaign performance and insight into how the ASK program influenced the target audience’s level of engagement with the campaign’s messaging.

When users engage with ads, they will be prompted to fill out a form to claim their ASK. This first-party data is then captured by Permission and is provided to the advertiser for use in their CDP or DMP.

  • Best-in-class targeting: Zero party audiences with interest, behavioral, geographic and demographic data; first party audiences, and third-party data providers with access to thousands of curated data segments (in addition to our capabilities for contextual and content based targeting).
  • 100% addressable reach: allows you to curate the supply to get in front of the most valuable audiences.
  • 100% transparency and control: allows you to have control over data, algorithms and insights into log level data (that you don’t have with other platforms) to enable enhanced attribution and optimization. We work with all major measurement partners to ensure we’re able to show the performance in a way that works for your business.
  • Results with advertisers have shown:
    • 5.86X increase in brand engagement
    • 2.54X lower media costs
    • 3.6X improvement in conversion rates
  • We believe that buying in a DSP is a bit of an art and science. Our experts in the space have been doing this for decades and apply their knowledge to setup the framework and strategy then leverage custom algorithms to build unique for each advertiser to learn from the data and build the best models possible for efficiencies Permission.io’s team then ensures each campaign is looked after and optimized for performance to improve what the machine learning is doing.
  • Whatever your key metric of success is, we will optimize to perform to hit the key metrics.
  • Our DSP customizes to fit your needs with: Bid modifiers (to control at a single variable) our Bid models (to allow for multivariate optimization), Delivery modifiers (that allow for dynamic spend allocation) and Bid shading (allows to prioritize CPM savings or maintaining wins rates). All of this functionality allows us to uncover the unique characteristics to drive performance in conjunction with our integrated Customer Data Platform.
  • We give advertisers 100% transparency into all of their data. With log level/event level data that allows you to identify what variables had the largest impact on performance and discover the most efficient ways to run media. Permission.io’s DSP has customized reporting and dashboards that allow advertisers so schedule automated reporting and provide intuitive data visualizations.
  • Our DSP allows you to reach your audiences at scale. We have access to all of the major (i.e. AdX, Pubmatic, OpenX, Sharethrough, TripleLift) and minor supply side partners. Additionally we have brokered separate supply side partnerships that enable private marketplace deals that allow you to win more bids where it matters to your brand. If there’s a supply side partner you want to do business with that’s not listed we have an easy way to integrate with smaller supply side exchanges. We pride ourselves on having unique inventory and being able to reach your niche (and broad) audiences.
  • Our reporting is completely transparent and robust. You can pull reporting at a very granular level to understand interactions at a log level ability.
  • Yes, Permission.io has created its own DSP, an industry-first, patent-pending, crypto rewards demand-side platform (DSP), where advertisers can run campaigns across the open web and reward consumers (“End Users”) with ASK for opting in and consenting to share their data. ASK is the cryptocurrency for Web3 advertising, enabling marketers to build opt-in audiences and reward consumers for their engagement. Through this, brands are able to build permissioned, zero-party audiences, while improving their ROI and overall Web3 experience.
  • In addition to building Advertising Clients’ own permission-based audiences, the Permission Ads platform enables advertisers to access Permission’s engaged community and proprietary first-party audiences.
  • Proprietary audiences: our DSP has unique zero party data through our direct Customer Data Platform integration. As well, we have curated specific audiences unique to advertising verticals with our access to data providers (i.e. Oracle, LiveRamp, BlueKia, Distillery) to enrich and enhance your advertising capabilities.
  • Advertising Clients will receive tailored, fully compliant PII first party data based on their campaign needs. The data itself will be securely transmitted to the Advertising Client’s desired data platform, as outlined in their individual Insertion Order. We have built in privacy by design and will review how the bidding process works over time using de-identifed and aggregated insights. In the instance of crypto rewarded campaigns, Permission.io will retain the email address for use in delivering the ASK reward and for any compliance issues.
  • To the extent the applicable law requires End User’s consent to such processing activities, verifiable consent when the End User opts-in by acting on the pop-message containing both the privacy policy of our Advertising Clients as well as the Permission.io’s privacy policies (there is also contact and opt-out information available as well). Once the End User consents, a copy of their registration information is sent to the Advertising Client. In the event an End User chooses to withdraw their consent from interacting with the Advertising Client, they can follow the Advertising Client’s respective publicly available privacy policy to learn more about how to opt-out of the Advertising Client’s use of End User’s information.
  • Similar to any other advertising platform, Permission.io is storing advertiser data in its Customer Data Platform, the point of differentiation is that Permission.io is asking for and receiving permission to use the data from customers. We do not sell this data to advertisers, data marketplaces, or any other entity.
  • Under the GDPR, a controller is responsible for determining the means and purposes of processing of personal data and responsible for compliance with its respective regulatory obligations. Permission.io operates as a data controller (not processor) when we run the ads and process End User’s personal data in connection with the Permission.io’s DSP because we regularly make decisions on why and how the personal data are processed, driving success of the promotion and to ensure compliance. For example, Permission.io’s responsibilities as an independent controller include Fully authenticating Permission Ads’ audience through our comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) verification for better monetization and fraud prevention. Over time, learning and adjusting our algorithm to increase our Clients’ campaigns by: issuing and administering ASK’s fund and rewards (when applicable) as well as our buybacks and referral program; pre-filtering End User to avoid duplicate rewards for the same ads; setting cookies (and other similar tracking technologies) directly on End Users’ devices when End Users visit the landing page; improving Permission Ads, including testing ad serving algorithms to heighten the effectiveness of our forecasting system; being responsible for the organizational and technical security measures of the data.
  • The positioning of Permission.io as a controller is consistent with the view of the European Data Protection Board in its guidelines 07/2020 on the concepts of controller and processor in the GDPR, which can be found at: https://edpb.europa.eu/our-work-tools/our-documents/guidelines/guidelines-072020-concepts-controller-and-processor-gdpr_en
  • When processing End Users’ personal information during our Advertising Clients’ usage of Permission Ads, we may be acting as a business, as defined under the CCPA. Permission.io will continue to comply with its obligation to comply with the CCPA. Permission.io requires its Advertising Clients to comply with their own CCPA, including maintaining a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” icon on their digital property to enable California residents to opt-out, if and as applicable. As future privacy laws are implemented, Permission intends to maintain strict compliance. For additional information about this FAQ, please contact Permission.io by clicking here or send us an email at compliance@permission.io.
  • Our platform is currently enrolled in the Verified by TAG program and is Brand Safety Certified:
    • The TAG Brand Safety Certified Program promotes the flow of advertising budgets to participants in digital advertising upholding an industry regulated framework for brand safety. The program serves the entire digital advertising supply chain by providing transparency, choice and control for buyers – enabling buyers to buy advertising inventory with confidence and creating a brand safety framework for sellers that increases the value of certified sellers’ inventory.
  • Permission.io’s DSP partners with leaders in the space to address invalid inventory. We have an integrated partnership with DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science.
  • Pre-bid targeting across exchanges enables us to help mitigate fraud and invalid traffic (i.e. if the impression request if coming from bot fraud). Our partnerships as well allow us to not bid on suspicious IP address and different risk levels of suspicious activity. As well, we have the anti-fraud mechanisms in place to exclude users with previously high fraudulent activity.
  • We have strict monitoring controls in place that allow for us to flag click fraud on the front end through pre-bidding and continually evaluating the traffic to allow for mitigation strategies.
  • Blacklisting of sites: to allow for blocking specific sites that are not deemed safe on an advertiser by advertiser basis. We as well, have a general blacklist provide.
  • Content targeting: to allow for exclusions of specific types of content categories to address brand safety concerns.
  • Contextual: to enable blocking of specific terms to keep your brand safe. We have partnership with Oracle that allows for this on a term as well as a category basis.
  • Many of the major platforms do not have a solution for Web3. Permission.io’s DSP is Patent Pending based on our capabilities to offer crypto rewards. We believe in the Web3 value exchange and rewarding customers for their advertising experience. We are ready to move forward with our advertisers when they are ready to usher them into the Web3 experience and reward customers. Our platform is setup to do this for advertisers and it involves a simple conversation to get this started.
  • We have direct integrations with Integral Ad science, Moat and DoubleVerify for post-bid viewability measurement.

ASK is the cryptocurrency that makes Permission Ads different from all other demand side platforms and is the means of compensation for the opt-in value exchange model. In short, it is the ideal currency to incentivize permission between consumers and brands in any digital context. Think of ASK like a global rewards program, where consumers get rewarded for engaging online with the brands that they love.

Unlike other digital rewards, ASK is global, convertible, transacts quickly, and never expires. Users have full control over their funds and are free to use them as they choose instead of being locked into one platform. ASK enables brands to obtain permission, incentivize consumers to take action, and tokenize opt-in value exchange.

ASK can be used in lots of different ways. For advertisers, it is used as a means to solicit engagement and zero-party data. For consumers, ASK can be traded, transferred or HODL’d!

For a campaign, an ASK budget is determined in addition to media budget. Once the budget is decided,  Permission will then allocate the appropriate amount of ASK to the campaign.

It is recommended to set aside a minimum of 15% of the total budget for the campaign for ASK. However, the portion of the budget allocated to ASK is flexible and may be adjusted by the advertiser. 

All users are required to pass a user authentication process prior to claiming their ASK. This process has been put in place to verify the identity of each individual and to prevent fraud.