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Permission Ads is a DSP (Demand Side Platform) that allows advertisers to reward users with ASK cryptocurrency across the open web for ad engagement and data sharing.

ASK is the cryptocurrency that makes Permission Ads different from all other demand side platforms and is the means of compensation for the opt-in value exchange model. In short, it is the ideal currency to incentivize permission between consumers and brands in any digital context. Think of ASK like a global rewards program, where consumers get rewarded for engaging online with the brands that they love.

Unlike other digital rewards, ASK is global, convertible, transacts quickly, and never expires. Users have full control over their funds and are free to use them as they choose instead of being locked into one platform. ASK enables brands to obtain permission, incentivize consumers to take action, and tokenize opt-in value exchange.

Permission Ads is different in many ways. It is the first DSP to reward consumers with crypto for engaging with ads. It provides brands with an avenue to collect first-party data at scale, which can fuel their other marketing efforts. It enables companies to form direct relationships with their customers and encourages brand loyalty. 

ASK can be used in lots of different ways. For advertisers, it is used as a means to solicit engagement and first-party data. For consumers, ASK can be traded, transferred or HODL’d!

For a campaign, an ASK budget is determined in addition to media budget. Once the budget is decided,  Permission will then allocate the appropriate amount of ASK to the campaign.

Permission Ads is a managed DSP service where the campaign objectives, data capture requirements and landing page design are developed in partnership with the brand. The brand receives regular updates on campaign performance and insight into how the ASK program influenced the target audience’s level of engagement with the campaign’s messaging.

It is recommended to set aside a minimum of 15% of the total budget for the campaign for ASK. However, the portion of the budget allocated to ASK is flexible and may be adjusted by the advertiser. 

When users engage with ads, they will be prompted to fill out a form to claim their ASK. This first-party data is then captured by Permission and is provided to the advertiser for use in their CDP or DMP.

All users are required to pass a user authentication process prior to claiming their ASK. This process has been put in place to verify the identity of each individual and to prevent fraud.

Please reach out to ads@permission.io, and our team will get in contact with you to provide more information and next steps.